2017 Naperville Country Club Invitational

Welcome to 50 Years!

Welcome to the 50th Annual Naperville Country Club Invitational. Our goal is to provide an outstanding event featuring good competition, challenging golf and ample opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

Ted Gladson
Invitational Chairman

Jack Allen
Golf Captain

  • Flights - Preliminary (7-7-17)
  • Playing Field
    • UPDATED 7/7/2017
      Green= Moved from Waitlist

      Alcorn, John (1)
      Allara, Mike (4)
      Allen, Jack (6)
      Anderson, Rick (1)
      Angelone, Mario (4)
      Barnett, Phil (1)
      Barron, James (3)
      Bennett, Tim (6-WL)
      Besso, Doug (2)
      Birck, Chris (WL - 8)
      Blum, Bill (1)
      Briggs, Mike (5)
      Bruno, Greg (7-WL)
      Canfield, Dwight (1)
      Carpenter, Bill (5)
      Chiariello, Joe (5)
      Christy, John (2)
      Dick, Norm (2)
      Dietrick, Kurt (3)
      Donofrio, John (5)
      Dunn, Pat (4)
      Elliott, Rich (6)
      Frlan, Dennis (3)
      Frueh, Bob (2)
      Gladson, Ted (1)
      Goodwin, Mark (2)
      Gritzenbach, Tom (1)
      Harmon, Pete (1)
      Harper, Ron (4)
      Hively, Jim (8 - WL)
      Hoff, Joe (1)
      Holland, Kevin (1)
      Howarter, Dennis (2)
      Jacobs, Alex (1)
      Justh, Dave (5)
      Kapovich, John (3)
      Kapovich, Leonard (5)
      Kelly, Jerry (2)
      Kenning, Kevin (2)
      Kerr, John (5)
      Kuenn, Tommy (2)
      Kuhn, Jim (1)
      Kwit, Jim (5)
      Larson, Randy (3)
      Larson, Zac (7 - WL)
      Lymangood, Bill (1)
      Maguire, Dan (1)
      Marten, Jay (2)
      McKenna, Charlie (1)
      Mills, Jeff (7 - WL)
      Mueller, Steve (1)
      Naset, Mike (5)
      Newkirk, Dave (1)
      Oros, Don (2)
      Park, Jeff (5)
      Porter, Bob (4)
      Priess, Howard (1)
      Prohammer, Rick (3)
      Rajagopal, Suresh (5)
      Reiser, Chris (2)
      Richer, Pierre (6-WL)
      Romberg, Steve (1)
      Rothman, Rich (3)
      Sanchez, Manny (3)
      Schoch, John (2)
      Schulz, Mark (8 - WL)
      Segneri, Carl (7 - WL)
      Shrigley, Dave (8 - WL)
      Spangler, Jim (4)
      Spires, David (7 - WL)
      Steinke, Chuck (2)
      Strong, Mike (4)
      Suchy, Ted (4)
      Sweetland, Chris (3)
      Terzich, Chris (2)
      Thompson, Stuart (5)
      Walter, Tommy (2)
      Wannemaker, Jim (2)
      Westra, Rick (4)
      Wolf, Dan (4)
      Woodring, Woody (1)
      Zimmerman, Lou (7 - WL)
      Zuwala, Steve (3)
  • Wait List
    • UPDATED 7/7/2017

      1.  Bixler, Tim (8)
  • Schedule of Events

      6:00 am   Breakfast & Check In
      8:00 am  First 9-Hole Match (Flights 1-6)
      10:30 am  Second 9-Hole Match (Flights 1-6)
      11:00 am  Lunch Buffet (all participants)
      1:15 pm  First 9-Hole Match (Flights 7-12)
      3:45 pm  Second 9-Hole Match (Flights 7-12)
      6:00 pm  Stag Night Dinner (sign for cocktails)
      6:30 pm Putting Contest

      FRIDAY, JULY 14 

      6:00 am  Breakfast
      7:30 am  Third 9-Hole Match (Flights 7-12)
      10:00 am  Fourth 9-Hole Match (Flights 7-12)
      11:00 am  Lunch Buffet (all participants)
      12:45 pm  Third 9-Hole Match (Flights 1-6)
      3:15 pm  Fourth 9-Hole Match (Flights 1-6)
      6:00 pm  Lawn Party - spouses invited (sign for cocktails)


      6:00 am  Breakfast
      8:00 am  Fifth 9-Hole Match (Flights 1-6)
      11:00 am  Fifth 9-Hole Match (Flights 7-12)
      10:00 am - 2:00 pm  Brunch / Lunch
      2:00 pm  Shoot Out
         Awards to follow immediately after Shoot Out.
       Complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres (spouses invited)

  • Event Format and Information
    • FORMAT

      This year’s format is forty-five holes of better ball match play of two-man teams. (Field is limited to 72 two-man teams). Teams are placed in flights of similar handicaps with each flight consisting of six two-man teams. In each flight, each team will play one 9-hole match against every other team in its flight. Two matches are played on both Thursday and Friday. One final match, followed by the Shoot-Out, will take place on Saturday. The tee assignments will be determined by flight.


      Handicap used will be the lowest in the last 12 months (June 15, 2016 - June 15, 2017), with no more than a 10% increase from the previous year’s low handicap index. The maximum handicap for any individual player will be 36. Handicaps of all four players in a match are reduced by the handicap of the lowest handicapped player, who then plays at scratch. Each of the other three players are allowed 100% of the resulting difference. Handicaps are then further reduced by 1/2 since the matches are 9 holes. In the event that a guest’s handicap index would result in a handicap index 12 shots or more than his NCC member partner, the handicap index will be reduced correspondingly. However, a guest handicap index can produce a handicap index that is more than 12 shots LESS than his NCC member partner. In the event that a team must play against par, they will receive 90% of their course handicap.


      All tee times are shotgun starts. It is the player’s responsibility to report to the correct tee 10 minutes prior to his match. The tee assignments will be determined by flight.


      Scoring will be on a point basis. The winner of each flight will be the team with the highest number of points accumulated over the five matches played. One point is awarded for winning a hole, 1/2 point is awarded for a tie. In the event of a tie for first place in a flight, the outcome will be determined by result of their head-to-head match. A team member who is late cannot participate in a hole if a player has hit his second shot.


      The team in each flight earning the most match play points will be the flight winner and will qualify for the Shoot-Out.  The Grand Champion Shoot-Out will take place Saturday afternoon following the morning match. The Shoot-Out format will be explained before starting play. Pari-Mutuel betting will be available prior to the start of the Shoot-Out.


      A team may be represented by one team member. If a team is forced to forfeit a match, it will be obligated to forfeit all matches (whether already played or not played). This policy is necessary due to the point allocation format of this event.


      All tournament awards will be awarded Saturday afternoon, after the Shoot-Out. Trophies will only be awarded to flight winners and the grand champion.


      The prize of a Buick, sponsored by Jay Marten and Woody Woodring of Woody Buick, will be awarded to the 1st hole-in-one made on hole #7 during the event.


      Cancellations due to weather will be jointly determined by the Invitational Committee, Golf Captain and Course Superintendent.  Winners of a weather shortened tournament will be decided by the Invitational Committee. Saturday afternoon will be reserved for possible rain delay make-ups.
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