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Dear Prospective Caddie and Parent:

Naperville Country Club appreciates your interest in the Caddie Program. Becoming a caddie provides the opportunity to develop positive work habits, adult communication skills, familiarity with the game of golf, and financial reward. A caddie will be able to work outdoors while communicating and connecting with the wonderful members of Naperville Country Club. The Club and I look forward to the opportunity to provide a positive experience for you.

The following information is provided to help you succeed as a caddie.

To be a caddie at NCC, you must be at least 14 years of age, successfully complete the written exam as well as the on course training and be available in the spring, summer and fall. I do not accept new caddies solely on exam scores. I accept caddies who are familiar with the game of golf or eager to learn and who are available in the fringe months (Fall/Spring) as well as summer.


Caddie Eligibility

To be a caddie at Naperville Country Club, you must:
  • Be at least 14 years of age, and
  • Successfully complete the annual written exam
  • Successfully complete on-course training
  • Be available in the spring, summer and fall. NCC does not accept new caddies solely on exam scores. NCC accept caddies who are familiar with the game of golf or eager to learn and who are available in the fringe months (Fall/Spring) as well as summer.

  Download the Naperville Country Club 2016 Caddie Packet Here


NCC Written Caddie Exam

Interested caddie applicants should plan to take the 2016 written Caddie Exam on either Friday, April 8th or Saturday, April 9th at Naperville Country Club. The exam will be held at 5:00 pm on both days and will last approximately one hour. No RSVP is necessary. There are no make-up dates for the exam. All interested caddies must attend one of the exam dates.

The Written Caddie Exam evaluates the caddie's knowledge of the following materials and information:
All caddies should independently study these materials and information before taking the Written Caddie Exam.
Exam results will be posted on the caddie house door on Sunday, April 10th after 4:00 PM.  This is the ONLY way to check your results. Calls to the clubhouse or the Golf Shop will not be accepted.

On Course Training

Caddies who pass the written Caddie Exam will be required to attend two on-course training classes per week over the course of three weeks. This training will cover the essential duties of a caddie, including managing a golf bag, positioning on the course, raking bunkers, tending the flagstick and other job functions.

On course training will be held on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening starting at 5:00 pm for three consecutive weeks. Caddie applicants must attend two of the days during each of the three sessions. Caddies can choose which two days/dates work best for them each week. No make-up dates or exceptions can be made.
CADDIE TRAINING DATES  (select two days during each session)
 First Session  April 13, 15, 16
 Second Session  April 20, 22, 23
 Third Session  April 27, 29, 30

Evans Scholarship Program

Naperville Country Club proudly participates in the Evans Scholarship Program, which rewards caddies for outstanding work. Caddies are eligible for the program once they become a junior in high school. The Western Golf Association grants scholarships to qualified applicants.

Naperville Country Club is the proud home of a number of recent Evans Scholars.

Michael Tempestini
Miami of Ohio
Class of 2019
Business & Finance

Nick LaRocco
Marquette University


 Adam Loritz
Miami of Ohio
Class of 2015
 Colleen Thomas
Marquette University
Class of 2017
Civil Engineering
 Nathan Lindquist
Northwestern University
Class of 2018
Computer Science



2016 Exam Dates

Friday, April 8 or
Saturday, April 9


Contact Information

For more information regarding Naperville Country Club's Caddie Program, please contact:

Matt Wallace
1st Asst. Golf Pro

Pro Shop