Guest Policies at Naperville Country Club

Thank you for visiting Naperville Country Club.

Naperville Country Club looks forward to your upcoming visit. Answers to questions regarding dress code and guest golf polices can be found on this page. If you have any additional questions regarding your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at 630.355.6015.


We offer complimentary valet parking for member dining and for many private events. Please pull your car up to the circle drive and enter the clubhouse at the first entrance on your right.

  • Dress Code
    • The Club’s dress code applies to all Members, their families (including children and stepchildren), and guests. NCC strives to provide an upscale casual social environment. The purpose of the dress code is to ensure that proper respect is shown to all Members, their families and guests when using the Club. The Board has directed that the management team be empowered to enforce the dress code, and thereby deny privileges to Members, Immediate Family and guests who do not conform to the dress code. The Club’s management shall have sole discretion and authority in matters of appropriateness of attire.

      Clothes deemed inappropriate at all times at NCC include: any kind of apparel that is frayed, cut, stained, ill-fitting or soiled, swimwear, sports jerseys, t-shirts, gym clothes, sweats (shirts/pants), hoodies, cutoffs, tank tops, midriffs, halter tops, short shorts, short skirts, shower shoes, golf shoes with metal spikes and any hat worn with the bill not facing forward.


      When dressing for golf, Members are encouraged to exhibit respect for tradition and modesty. Under no circumstance is denim, of any kind or color, allowed on the golf course. Proper golf attire includes:

      For Men: A shirt with a collar or a “mock” collar, slacks, shorts of moderate length

      For Women: Shirts must have a collar or sleeves, skirts of moderate length, shorts of moderate length


      The dress code in the clubhouse is slightly more relaxed than the golf course. Appropriate denim is allowed in the clubhouse and on the patio. Appropriate denim is defined as: properly sized, in excellent condition, consistent in color, free of holes/rips/tears, no frays, no denim shirts/bibs/painter pants. Shirts should be tucked in unless they are tailored for outside wear. Hats are allowed in the: locker rooms, Pro Shop, Members’ Grille and on the Patio. Men are not allowed to wear hats in the: Pump Room, Ballroom, Grille-on-the-Green, Club 21, or Fireside. Dressy hats, religious or health related head coverings will be allowed for appropriate occasions. Men may be required to wear a jacket and/or necktie for specific events.

      For Men: A shirt with a collar or a “mock” collar, slacks, shorts of moderate length

      For Women: Skirts of moderate length, shorts of moderate length

      If you are ever in doubt about suitable attire for a specific event, or what attire is appropriate for a specific area of the Club, please feel free to contact the Club for assistance.

  • Guest Golf
    • Upon Arrival

      Please drive directly into the clubhouse circle. There you will be greeted by an attendant who will take your clubs from your car, tag and send them to the starting area. Please park your car and return where the attendant will direct you to the locker room or the grill/patio to meet with your host. After your round your clubs will be returned to the clubhouse entrance or placed in the trunk of your car.


      We welcome and encourage you to use our full service locker rooms prior and after your round. Both Mens and Ladies lockers are available. You will be directed to the locker rooms by the bag drop attendant and will be greeted by our locker room staff, who will assign you a guest locker and give you any assistance you may require.


      Please review the Naperville Country Club Dress Code above.

      Practice Area

      Our state-of-the-art practice area is located immediately west of the Pro Shop. We invite you to use our driving range, short game practice area and practice putting green while a guest at Naperville Country Club.

      Mobile Devices

      To preserve the integrity of the Club and out of respect for Members and their guests, cellular phones and other forms of electronic communication devices must be in their silent, vibrate or ringer off mode at all times while on the golf course. The use of cellular phones and other forms of electronic communication devices shall be limited to personal and medical emergencies or as required by medical professionals on an emergency basis. Golfers shall not slow up play or distract their fellow golfers when using cellular phones and other forms of electronic communication devices. While the use of cellular phones and other forms of electronic communications is permitted in the Clubhouse, out of respect for Members and their guests, individuals are asked to be discrete. Keep cell phones and electronic communication devices in their silent, vibrate or ringer off mode whenever possible. Limit their use, and step out of the dining areas to take calls.

      Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA)

      The renovation of the golf course incorporates several Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA). These areas have been planted in accordance with the permits issued by DuPage County. They are protected under DuPage County Storm Water Management Code. As a result, any unauthorized activity within the ESA is strictly prohibited. Prohibited activities include: Entry by a member or guest to retrieve a golf ball, entering to take a stance, or play a shot, or entering with a motorized golf cart or speed cart. Local rules require a free drop provided your golf ball is outside the hazard (ESA) and your normal stance would require you to enter the hazard. ESA's are marked with a combination of signage and traditional yellow or red stakes identifying them as either a lateral or water hazard. If a hazard stake has a green cap on it, the area is designed as an ESA and entry is strictly prohibited. There are no exceptions.