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 Posted On Friday, May 26, 2017
Fireworks Extravaganza FAQ 
 Posted On Thursday, October 06, 2016
Appetizer Love 
I had to write to let you know how great NCC's shrimp cocktail is ! I had dinner tonight in town at a seafood restaurant. I ordered their shrimp cocktail as I had one at NCC last week and thought I'd compare. Well, there is NO COMPARISON!! Your shrimp and seafood cocktail is by far better. I hope you never change it. It is delicious and beautiful. My only complaint is I need a booster seat to be tall enough to reach the top of the silver serving piece in which the shrimp cocktail is served! Next time I'll ask for it to be in a shorter serving vessel! Thanks again for a great menu item.
Vern McGonagle 
On behalf of the Benet Academy Varsity Golf Team, thank you for continuing to host the Vern McGonagle event. Our team looks forward to it every season. The course is beautiful and a real test of our skills. Although I was unable to defend my title from last year - our team did well and it's the team that matters most. A shout out to Greg, our member guide through the course. Lunch is always a highlight. I sure needed it this year! Thank you.